Associate Director of the Consortium/Consortium Coordinator

Review of applications will commence immediately and continue until the position is filled.

LUMCON is searching for an experienced, reliable, and task-oriented Associate Director of Consortium/Consortium Coordinator. LUMCON not only represents a traditional marine laboratory, the DeFelice Marine Center, but also a Consortium of public and private colleges and universities in the state of Louisiana. LUMCON operates to serve the education and research needs in marine and coastal sciences across more than two dozen member institutions. Furthermore, LUMCON’s serves as a center for the synthesis in coastal and marine science. The position will provide the management, coordination, and oversight to bolster LUMCON’s Consortium mission, i.e. serving the needs of the universities and colleges in the state of Louisiana. The ideal candidate is focused on results, has a dedicated personality, and is committed to building and maintaining scientific and educational networks. The applicant should have experience in managing collaborative projects involving multiple stakeholders. Superior communication, networking and organizational skills, and attention to detail are essential. The position reports directly to the Executive Director but coordinates with other LUMCON divisions as well as variety of state stakeholders.

The position comes with a competitive salary, ample vacation, holiday, and sick leave, lucrative retirement and medical benefits, as well as work in a beautiful location among Louisiana’s gorgeous wetlands.


  1. Manage and coordinate specific projects between LUMCON and individual Consortium institutions.
  2. Coordinate follow-ups and updates on existing projects.
  3. Coordinate, plan, and promote Consortium institution visits to LUMCON’s DeFelice Marine Center and Blue Works facility at the Houma Maritime  Campus.
  4. Identify and promote new collaborations between LUMCON and individual Consortium institutions.
  5. Identify and lead efforts to fund and support consortium collaborations.
  6. Coordinate communications with Consortium institutions.
  7. Work with the Associate Director of Education to coordinate, organize, and promote undergraduate and graduate courses.
  8. Work with the Associate Director of Science to coordinate, organize, and promote collaborative scientific research among member institutions to address coastal and marine issues.
  9. Coordinate and participate in Consortium institution visits with and without the Executive Director both in and out of the state and provide appropriate follow-ups.
  10. Attend conferences, state administrative and legislation meetings, and Consortium institution events as needed.
  11. Maintain a database of contacts within Consortium institutions.
  12. Coordinate participation in or planning of Consortium events as needed.
  13. Oversee and promote LUMCON’s Marine Synthesis Center and recruit users into the program.
  14. Promote and coordinate, with the Associate Directors of Education and Science, educational and research usage by Consortium institutions of LUMCON’s assets.
  15. Generate reports of Consortium usage of LUMCON on a monthly, quarterly, and annual basis.
  16. Generate and update marketing materials for LUMCON as related to Consortium mission.


  1. Minimum of 4+ years of experience in educational or research program coordination. Masters (for Consortium Coordinator level) or Ph.D. preferred (for Associate Director level).
  2. Experience in coordinating multidisciplinary teams.
  3. Demonstrate familiarity with coastal and marine research and education.
  4. Willingness to travel within state and nationally as needed.
  5. Advanced Microsoft Office skills, with an ability to become familiar with LUMCON-specific programs and software. Familiarity with online collaboration tools, e.g. Slack, and file sharing, e.g. Dropbox.
  6. Proficiency in collaboration and delegation of duties.
  7. Strong organizational, project management, and problem-solving skills with impeccable multi-tasking abilities.
  8. Exceptional interpersonal skills.
  9. Track record of grant writing.
  10. Friendly and professional demeanor.

A candidate should be able to demonstrate or explain the following during their interview:

  • A basic understanding of LUMCON and all our programs.
  • A working knowledge of the Louisiana University Systems and how LUMCON does or could fit into their programs.
  • Experience working within university administration.
  • An ability to manage multiple projects that are unique to all the university project partners.
  • An ability to be creative and explore innovative relationships with consortium members.


Those interested in the position should submit  the following items to hr@lumcon.edu

  • Resume
  • Cover letter
  • A 1-2 page statement on how they would specifically build up connections between LUMCON and Consortium members
  • 3 references including contact information

Louisiana Universities Marine Consortium

LUMCON promotes, facilitates, and conducts research and education in marine and coastal sciences relevant to the sustainability of coastal and marine environments in the Gulf of Mexico. In this aim, LUMCON strives to provide innovative models of scientific and educational programs and answers to scientific questions relevant on the national and international stage. In 1979, the Louisiana State Legislature created LUMCON with 2016 legislation placing LUMCON as a division of the Louisiana Board of Regents. The DeFelice Marine Center is located in Cocodrie, 85 miles southwest of New Orleans. By design, LUMCON’s location serves as an ideal and immersive location for research and education. The Marine Center is situated in the heart of the estuarine wetland complex. The Marine Center is a modern complex of research, instructional, residential, and support facilities. This includes 26,000 usable square feet of laboratory, classroom, office, and library space. Dormitory rooms and apartments provide Louisiana Universities Marine Consortium housing for up to 80 people. LUMCON operates and maintains one of the largest fleets of research vessels along the Gulf of Mexico. The icon of marine operations and the fleet is the 116′ R/V Pelican. The 58′ R/V Acadiana is well suited for both education and research in Terrebonne Bay and nearby coastal waters. The research vessels are complemented by a fleet of 14 small vessels. With nearly 100 staff, LUMCON encompasses an intrepid and resilient group from diverse backgrounds and with broad expertise. Each staff member is integral to the education, research, and consortium missions of LUMCON. The research conducted by the scientists is internationally recognized and impactful. Marine operations and vessel crews are known for their proficiency, professionalism, and determination. Administrative and facilities staff have weathered hurricanes, flooding, and variable funding cycles. These challenges, in conjunction with the Marine Center’s remoteness, have created deep and lasting connections between the staff. LUMCON’s staff is not so much a collection of employees as a cohesive community and family.

LUMCON is an AA/EO employer.

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