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HVAC/Facilities Technician

HVAC/Facilities Technician

LUMCON seeks a full-time HVAC/Facilities Technician. This position will be the primary technician responsible for all aspects of the HVAC components throughout the facility. In addition, this position will work in harmony with the other Facilities technicians in all aspects of facilities maintenance. This will include, but not be limited to, maintaining building by performing painting, plumbing, electrical, carpentry, grounds keeping, and other related tasks.

LUMCON faculty awarded a Fulbright scholarship

Associate Professor Dr. Alex Kolker has been named a Fulbright Scholar, which he will use to study sea level change and its impacts on the Moroccan coast. A global perspective, Kolker hopes, will help Louisiana plan for climate change, sea-level rise, and a changing coast.

First-ever experimental reptile fall deployed

See exclusive video footage of an alligator being eaten on the bottom of the Gulf of Mexico as part of the first-ever experiment on reptile falls, conducted by LUMCON scientists Craig McClain, Clifton Nunnally, and River Dixon.

LUMCON awarded funds to support new education initiatives

The Chevron Foundation has awarded the Education and Outreach Department a total of $59,000 to eliminate the cost for high school students to attend one of LUMCON’s 2019 summer camps, fully fund an oceanography technology camp for high school students, and establish Marine Science Clubs for the first time on four Louisiana university campuses.

Diverse animal communities contain similar animals

New deep-sea wood fall research from Dr. Craig McClain, Dr. Clifton Nunnally, and their colleagues helps explains how animals can live side by side even when they’re competing with each other for an essential resource: food.