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LUMCON educators and scientists provide quality education at the university, K-12, and public levels; teaching marketable skills while increasing societal awareness of the environmental, economic, and cultural values of Louisiana’s coastal and marine environments.

We work hard to ensure our education programs are as affordable as possible. Indeed, our course tuitions are among the lowest in the nation. However, student tuition is still a barrier for low income students. Our Executive Director, Craig McClain, was one of these students. Had it not been for a scholarship provided by a generous donor, he wouldn’t have been able to participate in the LUMCON summer courses that would launch his career.

You can break those barriers by supporting a student with a donation to our Scholarship Fund.  Donate by April 15th to ensure a student can engage with marine science in the Summer of 2017.

K-12 Education

Centered around the idea that the best science education comes from experiential learning opportunities, we utilize every resource that LUMCON can leverage to help campers build knowledge and awareness of Louisiana’s marine environments.

Student Tuition: $650

Help us make it $0.

Because every kid deserves a chance to find their dream.

College Credit Courses

Distinguished by our emphasis on inquiry and research-based course design, these credit courses increase intellectual engagement and foster a deep understanding of topics within marine science. Helping students prepare for future scientific, academic, and workforce opportunities is the cornerstone of every course we offer.

Student Tuition: $2,500

Help us make it $0

Because every college student deserves a chance to follow their dream.

Skill-based Courses

Designed to provide continuing education opportunities for any person working in marine science, students that attend these courses will become more competitive in their future pursuits with instruction in areas currently lacking training opportunities.

Student Tuition: $975

Help us make it $0.

Because everybody deserves a chance to achieve their dream.

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