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In a world approaching a population of eight billion, only a few thousand highly people work in the marine sciences. But the importance of their work far exceeds their numbers as their study of the world’s oceans is becoming more widely recognized and appreciated every day. At LUMCON, our faculty and students work in Louisiana’s unique natural environment with colleagues who share a passion for the ocean and all it has to offer.

We provide quality education in the marine sciences to students from the K-12 level to college and post-graduate professional training.

  • To collegiate students from throughout Louisiana and the United States, we offer a varied and unique series of programs that focus on the scientific examination of Louisiana’s unique Gulf Coast environment.
  • Through camps and field trips each year, we offer thousands of Louisiana elementary and secondary students a glimpse at Louisiana’s incomparable coastal ecosystems.
  • Our innovative skill-based courses provide continuing education opportunities offer instruction in areas currently lacking training opportunities.
    We work hard to assure that our education programs at all levels are as affordable as possible, and we are proud to be able to say that our course costs at all levels are among the lowest in the nation.

But we need your help.

There is a remarkable number of bright, intelligent Louisiana students who would relish the opportunity to attend a summer session at LUMCON, but they do not have the financial means to make it possible.

While the State of Louisiana has been generous in awarding TOPS scholarship support to deserving students, those students invariably use those funds at the schools around the state that they attend during the regular school year. By the time they contemplate a summer session at LUMCON, the TOPS funds are long gone.

The cost of one student attending our 3-week course sessions is $2700, and the cost of one high school student participating in one of our summer camps is $850.

But your support at any level will help us to provide a unique LUMCON experience to a deserving student.

Education and research at LUMCON will impact all of us in the years ahead. Your support for a deserving student today will assure that advances and innovation and in the marine sciences will continue in the future.

Your gift will improve a life. Maybe yours.

Please make your check payable to “BTNEP Foundation – LUMCON” and send to LUMCON, 8124 Highway 56, Chauvin, LA 70344.

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