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Activities Scheduling Fees Policies Handbook

LUMCON specializes in designing powerful marine, environmental, and science learning experiences in the coastal setting surrounding the Marine Center. The activities listed on this page are adaptable to any audience. Work with an educator to schedule the best possible experience to meet the needs of your K-12 or Scouting group.

Educational Schedule

Day trip schedules can be flexible with the scheduling of activities to meet the needs of visiting groups.  Arrival and departure times can be modified with good communication with the education program during the reservation process.

When designing a full or multiple day field trip, please consider the educator schedule (below). This can be modified with good reason and communication between the group leader and the educator. A typical day offers ~10 hours during which LUMCON educators will work with your students (the morning and afternoon sessions run 3.5-4 hours). Otherwise, students are the responsibility of teachers and chaperones while at LUMCON.

Morning session: 8:00 – 12:00 noon
Afternoon session: 1:00 – 5:00 pm
Evening session: 6:30 – 8:30 pm


Below are some of the most popular activities at LUMCON. Other activities or topics may be arranged (for example: wetland restoration, hypoxia, non-point source pollution, careers in marine science, physical oceanography).  All fees listed on this page are for in-state schools.  For out-of-state rates, please contact the education department.

Indoor Activities

Indoor activities are independant of weather.

  • Guided LUMCON Tour
    Grade level:3-12
    Duration: ~1.5 hours
  • Plankton Laboratory
    Grade Level: 5-12
    Duration: ~2 hours
  • Fish and Invertebrate Anatomy Laboratory
    Grade Level: 5-12
    Duration: ~2 hours
    Comparisons of preserved specimens (to address issues including adaption, classification, etc.) can be performed for no additional charge. For a fee, we also offer dissection labs using non-preserved fresh or frozen specimens (squid, fish, shark or blue crab as available).Additional cost: $3 per participant. All students will participate and work with a partner on a single specimen. Teachers and chaperones do not participate, but work with the students during the process.
  • Wetland Education Through Maps And Aerial Photography
    Grade Level: 5-12
    Duration: ~2 hours

Outdoor Activities

These are outdoor, field activities that may be changed because of weather. Be prepared to get wet or muddy.

  • Scientific Pond Collection /Nature Walk
    Grade Level: 3-12
    Duration: ~2 hours
  • Bayouside Classroom Water Sampling
    Grade Level: 6-12
    Duration: ~3 hours
  • Salt Marsh Paddling Trip
    Grade Level:6-12
    Duration: ~2.5 hours
    Additional Costs:
    $12/boat (in-state rate). We have 12 boats. You may put 2-3 students in a boat.
    Additional educator fee of $50.
  • Educational Cruise aboard the R/V Acadiana
    Grade Level: 7-12
    Duration: 3-4 hours
    Additional Costs: $400 per cruise; 25 participants maximum (teacher, chaperones and students).