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2018-2019 Summer Field Course Proposal Request

LUMCON is seeking proposals from faculty or faculty teams at the member Universities to develop and teach consortium Core or Skill courses.  Both Core and Skill Courses should have a strong rationale and need for teaching them at the Marine Center and/or the Port Fourchon Laboratory. Core courses are longer (3 to 4 week) opportunities for instruction in basics in marine science or greater detail in a specialized field. Alternatively, Skill courses can provide professional experiences and practical knowledge specifically needed by faculty and students in marine science in Louisiana.  Click here for full proposal.   Course proposals are due September 1, 2017.  If you have questions contact Dr. Craig McClain (, Dr. Brian Roberts (, or Murt Conover (


LUMCON offers summer field opportunities that give students an experience they cannot receive on their home campuses. Our courses offer exposure to the coastal and marine environment through field and lab work, as well as classroom lectures and discussion. Taking advantage of our facilities and proximity to coastal habitats, summer courses allow students to interact with their instructors and the environment on a level that fosters a unique learning experience.

LUMCON offers regular introductory and upper level summer undergraduate courses which alternate between even and odd years in June and July. Graduate credit can be earned for upper level courses by completing a week long independent study project under the supervision of the instructor(s). LUMCON also offers specialized classes, such as “Coastal Landscape Photography.”

Any students attending a participating college or university may enroll in LUMCON classes or internships for credit at their home university. You may contact the education department for more information about course numbers at participating universities.