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Welcome to LUMCON’s web site where you will see glimpses of our many activities to achieve our MISSION:

“To increase society’s awareness of the environmental, economic and cultural value of Louisiana’s coastal and marine environments by conducting research and education programs directly relevant to Louisiana’s needs in marine science and coastal resources and serving as a facility for all Louisiana schools with interest in marine research and education.”

We are uniquely situated within the coastal landscape and are close to the Mississippi and Atchafalaya rivers. LUMCON’s research programs span coastal and marine systems from the freshwater end of Barataria Bay, across the coastal ocean and its intersection with the Mississippi River, to the open Gulf of Mexico, and across the global ocean. We are proud of our research teams, the work they accomplish, and the resulting science and knowledge that are crucial to understanding and managing coastal and marine systems.

Part of our mission is to increase society’s awareness of important Louisiana coastal issues. Our educators provide excellent educational experiences for all ages to further the understanding of the natural and human-influenced processes under-riding the landscape and resources of coastal Louisiana. We also conduct university classes and educate graduate students.

Our facilities—Vessels, Marine Center, Library and Environmental Monitoring Stations—are world class. I invite you to visit and take part in LUMCON on the web and in Cocodrie.

Craig McClain, Ph.D.
Executive Director