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This database consists of citations found in journals, conference proceedings, government reports and gray literature covering over 40 years of published research on oil spill dispersants. Citations were collected from 1960 through June 2008. The bibliography was compiled and edited by John Conover, Associate Librarian at LUMCON. Citation data is stored and maintained at LUMCON by the Information and Technology Department.

This research was funded by a grant from the Louisiana Applied and Educational Oil Spill Research and Development Program (OSRADP). All inquiries and comments should be directed to the editor John Conover, jconover@lumcon.edu.

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We would like to thank the following individuals for their guidance and input into this project:

  • Victoria Broje, Per Daling, Alun Lewis and Francois-Xavier Merlin offered valuable assistance in the early phases of this project. Per Daling’s support was especially noteworthy, by providing conference proceedings that otherwise could not be obtained.
  • Deborah Ansell, ITOPF’s librarian, contributed by sharing her sizeable list of library holdings on dispersant publications with us, and filling in gaps where existing citation information was incomplete.
  • Likewise, Julie Anne Richardson, librarian for Environment Canada, compiled a publication listing on dispersants housed in her collection, which provided us with additional citations for our project.
  • Qianxin Lin at Louisiana State University provided API conference proceedings for us to use in transcribing abstracts.
  • Nancy Kinner at the Coastal Response Research Center provided encouragement, focus, and connected us with some of the aforementioned people.
  • Finally, Don Davis and Karen Reeder Emory at OSRADP deserve special mention for all of their help and direction during the span of this project.