What if there isn’t a member of LUMCON’s faculty that does research similar to mine?

That’s OK! Your LUMCON Faculty sponsor doesn’t need to be a partner in your research. They are there to provide logistical support, safety oversight, and act as your point of contact to help you integrate into the LUMCON community.

What if I want to collaborate with a member of LUMCON’s faculty?

That is great! Make sure you clearly communicate this with the faculty member prior to submitting your application. The specifics of this collaboration should be worked out between you, your graduate advisor, and the LUMCON faculty member.

Can I stay longer than 10 weeks?

More than likely yes, depending on dorm availability. However, you will be responsible for the cost of your stay beyond 10 weeks.

What if I can’t stay for 10 consecutive weeks?

This will be dealt with on a case-by-case basis and it is better to discuss this with program administrators prior to preparing your application. In general, for short periods away this should not be a problem however, the fellowship will only cover your travel to/from LUMCON once per fellowship.

Is there a virtual option?

No, if the status of the COVID-19 pandemic or another uncontrollable event does not allow for safe travel or the completion of the in-residence period the fellowship will be postponed or canceled.

If you still have questions contact program administrators (