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Marine Organism Anatomy Activities

Marine Organism Activities

Science Method Activities

  • Calculating Biodiversity – Use your math skills to investigate the species richness, species evenness, and biodiversity of a community of organisms.
  • Trawl Sampling on the R/V Acadiana – Explore trawling as a scientific research method and the diversity of demersal and pelagic species of Terrebonne Bay by working with data collected by LUMCON over decades.
  • Point-Intercept Transects – Learn how to measure community composition using a common transect method.

Videos and Activities

Arts & Crafts

Games & Puzzles

  • Connect the Dots – Can you identify this common Louisiana species?
  • Migration Maze – Can you help a small fish migrate from the salt marsh to the Gulf of Mexico?

Activities using Online Resources

  • Ocean Feature Exploration – Explore features on the seafloor with Google Earth.  You can submit data to be part of a massive exploration effort.
  • Nature’s Speed Bumps – Explore changes to a Louisiana Barrier Island using Google Earth.
  • Storm Monitoring (**Updated**) – Become a storm tracker by using the LUMCON weather cameras and the monitoring station to track the impacts of storm events at the Marine Center.


Research Vessel and Maritime Activities

  • Nautical Term Activity – Learn to recognize, understand, and use some common terms used on a research vessel.
  • Idioms and the Ocean – Learn about common everyday phrases have roots in maritime culture. We guarantee you’ll be “taken aback” by how fun this is!
  • Nautical Flags – Learn the meaning, to recognize, and to use the flags to create messages for others.

Careers in Marine Science

  • Women in Marine Science – This is a webpage featuring audio recordings of women having a conversation about their careers within marine science.
  • Women in STEM Activity – This is a great activity for students looking for mentors in STEM careers including marine science.

Online Games


  • April 28, 2020 – Wonderfully Weird World of Sponges with Dr. Stephanie

360 Digital Tours

Printable Digital Resources

More activities are on the way.