LUMCON owns and operates 12 small vessels (see table below). These boats are available for research and education in a variety of habitats ranging from the marsh to offshore locations. We also offer boat training and certification courses throughout the year as the need arises. Completing this course is one way to earn a LUMCON Operator classification. Contact our Vessel Operations Assistant Manager or visit our Fees, Policies, and Forms page to learn more about these vessels and how you can use them and to ask about our boating courses.

Our employees are qualified to operate these boats for you. If you wish to operate one of our boats yourself, you must submit the following completed forms:

  1. DA 2066 Water Vessel Operator Authorization
  2. Acknowledgment of Responsibility
  3. A copy of your current boater’s certification, from one of the following:
  4. A copy of your current driver’s license

Anyone operating one of our small boats must complete a float plan before launch.

Caillou Boca 12 – 14 25 ft. 7 in.
Whiskey Pass 8 22 ft.
Blue Runner 6 22 ft.
Camellia 6 22 ft.
Gator Tail 4 20 ft.
Dos Gris 25 26 ft.
Silver Bullet 3 16 ft.
Air Boat 3 16 ft.
Gray Goose 4 21 ft.
Barracuda see details This boat is classified as restricted use. Please contact our Vessel Operations Assistant Manager for more information.
Safe Boat 4 17 ft.
Kayaks and Canoes see details Contact our Vessel Operations Assistant Manager for more information on how your group can use our paddling fleet.