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About Us

Video Introduction

The Louisiana Universities Marine Consortium (LUMCON) was formed in 1979 to increase society’s awareness of the environmental, economic and cultural value of Louisiana’s coastal and marine environments by conducting research and education programs directly relevant to Louisiana’s needs in marine science and coastal resources and serving as a facility for all Louisiana schools with interest in marine research and education.

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Meet the Fleet

Meet the Fleet is a multi-day public event featuring the flagship vessels of Louisiana’s scientific research fleet. The Research Vessel (R/V) Pelican and the R/V Acadiana, owned and operated by the Louisiana Universities Marine [...]

Meet Brian Roberts: Preparing for the Next Oil Spill

Professor Brian Roberts (LUMCON) conducts experiments that measure the release of greenhouse gases from oiled salt marshes. Dr. Roberts hopes his team’s work will help guide responses to future oil spills. Consortia: CWC; Themes: Physical, [...]