Short-Term Visitorships cover scientists, journalists, artists, and other domain experts


LUMCON’s Short-Term Visitor Program advances science and science communication by supporting collaborations and inviting experts to enrich LUMCON’s community. Short-Term Visitors are funded to spend time at our facility in Cocodrie, LA, sponsored by LUMCON faculty or staff.

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Experts from any background are eligible to apply for LUMCON’s Short-Term Visitor Program. LUMCON believes that a terminal degree is not required for someone to qualify as a specialist; anyone who has expertise to contribute to a project is welcome. Suitable applicants are those whose visit will result in a product (tangible or intangible) created in collaboration with LUMCON faculty or staff. For example, applicants could be academics, artists, journalists, policy experts, or freelancers who create data, art, media, a policy proposal, or other products.

Short-Term Visitors receive funding to cover room and board during their stay. Visitors should be on-site for a minimum of 2 nights and a maximum of 21 nights. Visitors will stay in one of the on-site apartments or dorm rooms. Meals will be provided in the cafeteria if it is open during their stay.

LUMCON is a safe space. Click here to read our affirmative action policy, including our sexual harassment policy, which all visitors will be held to and protected by while they are on-site.

LUMCON is committed to making data, databases, software, outreach and education materials, and other products that are developed as part of LUMCON activities freely available to the broader scientific and public community. All products must acknowledge LUMCON support by stating “Supported by the Louisiana Universities Marine Consortium (LUMCON) as part of the funded project [project title].”


Proposals will be evaluated on how well the project contributes to LUMCON’s mission, advances marine and coastal science, or informs/engages with relevant stakeholders. Proposals should clearly demonstrate the need for the project and why a site visit to the DeFelice Marine Center is essential to project completion. Risky, novel, interdisciplinary, and pilot projects are welcome and proposals for such projects will not be penalized for their exploratory or unique nature.


Applicants must have the sponsorship of a LUMCON employee to be eligible for this program. LUMCON employees and potential Visitors are welcome to discuss all project ideas with the selection committee (contact the Science Media Officer).

Applications are evaluated as they are received. Program funding is renewed annually and successful applicants may be asked to postpone a visit if funding has already been committed through the end of the current funding period.

Submit to our Science Media Officer a single pdf file per project which contains the project proposal, not to exceed 2 pages; CV/resume, not to exceed 2 pages; and a letter of support from a LUMCON sponsor/collaborator, not to exceed 1 page. Proposals should contain the following elements:

  1. Title
  2. Visitor name, affiliation, and contact information
  3. Project Summary (250 words max)
  4. Publicly-Available Project Summary (250 words max) – Written for a lay audience to be posted on our website
  5. Introduction and Goals – Why does your project need to be done? What information is necessary to put your project into context?
  6. Proposed Activities – What will be produced if your sponsored visit is approved? What collaborative activities will you perform to create that product?
  7. LUMCON’s role – What LUMCON resources and personnel will be involved in your project? Why is your project best carried out with LUMCON, specifically?
  8. Proposed Timeline – When do you plan to come to our facility and how long will you stay? When will the project conclude and your product be made available to others?

All questions about the application and review process should be directed to our Science Media Officer.