At LUMCON, students become scientists. Through field and laboratory activities, students develop lasting impressions about making a positive impact on their environment and community. Overnight or day trips are designed to meet the needs of preK-12 school classes, school organizations, home schools, and scouting organizations.

Contact our Associate Director of Education and Outreach to apply for or book any of the following opportunities.


We’re back in summer 2023 with a limited summer camp program! This coming summer LUMCON is offering LEAD and FMS camp.  Find more information and application documents below.  Application materials for the 2023 camps ARE HERE!

LUMCON offers several on-site summer camps for grade 8-12 students:

  • LUMCON’s Estuarine Awareness and Discovery (LEAD) Camp is a week-long residential camp designed to give high school science-minded students a chance to explore Louisiana’s coastal environments as scientists. Possible activities include a research cruise, a barrier island trip, paddling, dissection, microscope work, beach and marsh surveys, and more. CLICK HERE for the camp one-pager.   Download the 2023 LEAD Camp Application or use this online application.
  • Field Marine Science (FMS) Camp is an opportunity for high school students to gain practical and real-world experience in conducting field research in the coastal marshes of south Louisiana. Students design, complete, and present the results from team research projects.  CLICK HERE for the camp one-pager.  Download the 2023 FMS Camp Application or use this online application.
  • Marine Technology and Engineering Camp is a camp designed to provide students access to marine scientists, current ocean science, and industry for the one exceptional opportunity to learn from experts from many different career areas. This camp will broaden the typical view of what STEM careers are available in Louisiana and introduce students to potential mentors, advisors, or future employers that can help them further their career and academic goals. Not being offered in 2023.
  • Coastal Art and Science Camp challenge participants, engaging both their analytical and creative talents to learn about a locally-relevant and nationally-important subject matter: Louisiana’s coast. Camp activities introduce art and science as allied subjects by asking students to explore coastal environments first as scientists and then as artists. Not currently being offered.


Field trips to LUMCON are for students in grades preK – 12 and are fully customizable and tailored to fit your needs. Field trips can take place from September to May and can last anywhere from 4 hours to several days. Activities could include microscope work, specimen comparison, a nature walk, paddling, an R/V Acadiana trip, and others by request. Click here to learn more about a field trip to LUMCON and click here for information on LUMCON fees and policies.


LUMCON is building a library of free downloadable and printable activities for students to complete at home.  Click this link to see what we currently have to offer.  More activities being made available daily.


Bayouside Classroom asks students to collect scientific data, either at LUMCON or from another location in the state, to learn about estuaries and watersheds. Students then enter their data into an online database accessible all year long so they can see how water quality changes with the seasons. Click here to access the Bayouside Classroom website. Contact our Associate Director of Education and Outreach about participation in this program.


LUMCON is here to support anyone interested in marine and coastal science.  That includes offering suggestions and support for student organizations, faculty, or teachers that want to start a Marine Science Club in their communities, at school, or on campus.  By clicking this link to our Marine Science Club page you will be redirected to our page that has suggested activities for existing clubs, as well as, things to consider if you decide to start a club.  These are only suggestions.  It is important to make your club your own.  Just remember we are here to help!