Welcome to the Louisiana Universities Marine Consortiums Diving Safety Program.

The LUMCON Diving Safety Program is a state wide scientific diving network that assists faculty, staff, and students of consortium member institutions in Louisiana and other organizations from around the country to plan, organize and carry out scientific diving operations in the Gulf of Mexico, the Caribbean and other LUMCON areas of operation. The Diving Safety Program offers assistance in training, administration of local scientific diving conducted by consortium members, services to fill out dive teams when necessary, the organization of dive teams for non-diving researchers, and access to equipment in the LUMCON diving locker.

LUMCON is currently the only organizational member of the American Academy of Underwater Sciences (AAUS) in the State of Louisiana, and meets or exceeds all AAUS standards for scientific diving. LUMCON supports the mission of AAUS to establish and disseminate standards for scientific diving certification and program operation. These standards are consensual guidelines for scientific diving programs in the US recognized by OSHA as the gold standard for scientific diving.

All DSP concerns and questions should be sent to our Dive Safety Officer at

LUMCON is an Organizational Member of AAUS in good standing.