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LUMCON’s Diving Safety Program (DSP) assists faculty, staff, and students at Consortium institutions and other organizations in safely using SCUBA as a tool to better understand aquatic environments. The DSP offers the following:

  • Scientific diving certification and associated courses needed to meet LUMCON, Federal Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), and the American Academy of Underwater Sciences (AAUS) standards
  • Review of scientific diving proposals
  • Networking for Louisiana scientific divers and divers at other marine science institutions
  • Diving assistance, tools, and vessels for research (e.g. support divers, boats, and air refills)
  • Resource center for diving safety, equipment, and general diving information
  • Opportunities for advanced and diving leadership training
  • Campus visits to Consortium institutions by LUMCON’s dive safety officer to oversee testing and checkout dives
  • Standard and advanced training courses offered out of the DeFelice Marine Center

The AAUS establishes and disseminates standards for scientific diving certification and program operation. These are the consensual guidelines for scientific diving programs in the US and are recognized by OSHA as the “Standard” for scientific diving. LUMCON has the only academically-based AAUS-certified Dive Safety Program and Officer in Louisiana.

All DSP concerns and questions should be sent to our Dive Safety Officer at DSO@lumcon.edu.  Click here to access scientific diving forms and manuals.

Louisiana Universities Marine Consortium is an Organizational Member of AAUS in good standing.