LUMCON offers a number of resources to scientists and educators interested in coastal and open-ocean ecosystems:

  • One of the largest fleets of research vessels in the Gulf of Mexico.
  • LUMCON’s main facility, the W. J. DeFelice Marine Center, which contains laboratory, classroom, office, library, dining, dormitory, and recreational areas.
  • Meeting facilities, including a 100-seat, multi-configuration auditorium; 80 bed-capacity dormitories; and full-service dining facilities.
  • The LUMCON Library, which is perhaps the best source of marine-related journals in the state and  includes excellent online and interlibrary loan capabilities.
  • Historical and real-time data on local environmental conditions.
  • The only academically-based AAUS-certified Dive Safety Program and Officer in Louisiana.
  • A variety of tanks, aquaria, and mesocosms in customizable, controlled or natural conditions.

To use our facilities or resources for research purposes, contact our Associate Director of Science. To use them for educational purposes, contact our Director of Education and Outreach.