Current LUMCON scientific divers are those divers affiliated with any Consortium member and have applied to the LUMCON Diving Safety Program and been accepted. LUMCON divers must meet all annual program requirements and agree to abide by all LUMCON DSP and Diving Manual standards.

LUMCON maintains all diver records in a secure database and will send out notices to active divers when a requirement is coming close to renewal. Additionally, LUMCON will send out an annual review to each diver listing current status and renewal dates for all requirements.

To remain active, LUMCON divers must maintain all required information with the LUMCON DSO including:

  • Current diving medical exams
    • LUMCON can provide suggested physicians who conduct dive physical in Louisiana
  • Current certification for CPR and First Aid
    • LUMCON conducts regular DAN Diving First Aid for Professional Divers courses
  • Copies of all scuba certifications
  • Documentation for original scientific diver training including test dates and recent checkouts

LUMCON divers may dive under LUMCON auspices or request reciprocity as visiting diver to other AAUS Organizational Members.

  • Diving under LUMCON auspices regardless of location
    • Submit a LUMCON Dive Plan (link to dive plan form) to the LUMCON DSO or review and approval at least 5 business days in advance. Extra advance time should be allowed if a LUMCON vessel is to be used or if outside divers are involved.
  • Submit copies of all scientific dive logs (link to dive log form) no later than the 5th of the following month of the dives
    • Scientific dives conducted with other AAUS OM’s can also be accepted for annual proficiency and depth if copies of the dive plan are provided.
    • Recreational dives can also be logged and submitted for proficiency
  • Request Reciprocity
    • LUMCON divers may dive with other AAUS OM by requesting Reciprocity. To request Reciprocity, simply send an email to the LUMCON DSO and ask for a Reciprocity form be sent to the host institute. Include the host institute DSO name and email.


Inactive divers who were previously active with LUMCON or other scientific diving institutes may petition to become active LUMCON divers by filing an application to the LUMCON Diving Safety Program with the DSO. The DSO will review each application and determine what requirements must be made current and what additional documentation is needed. Prospective candidates must also be prepared to prove affiliation with a Consortium member and their need to be diving. If not a qualified PI or professor, the sponsorship of a qualified supervising PI or professor will be required.


Scientific divers from outside institutions may request Reciprocity by having their institutions DSO submit a Request for Reciprocity to the LUMCON DSO.  Requests made from other AAUS OM’s in most cases will be accepted directly. A checkout dive may be requested at the discretion of the LUMCON DSO.

Divers may also request appointment as a Temporary Diver for a specific dive operation. The LUMCON DSO will determine if the request can be honored on a case by case basis. In most cases Temporary Divers will be escorted by the DSO.


Regularly scheduled proficiency dives and depth qualification dives are conducted by the LUMCON DSO. Upcoming scheduled dives can be viewed on the Dive Training Calendar

Dives may also be requested by contacting the DSO.

LUMCON is an Organizational Member of AAUS in good standing.