LUMCON is a consortium that endeavors to focus and strengthen the effectiveness of marine science, through research and education, needed to address the environmental and socioeconomic challenges facing Louisiana and the nation. We understand that a lot of  people face challenges to accessing marine science education opportunities. Other barriers can make these challenges to access even greater for institutions and organizations that serve students who are traditionally underserved and/or underrepresented in STEM and marine science.  LUMCON can help to support any student, educator, or faculty member that wants to provide marine science opportunities by establishing a Marine Science Club or enriching the content and activities provided by an existing club.


Access – Give every student the opportunity to engage in a variety of aspects of marine science in order to promote interest and knowledge.
Enrichment – Provide opportunities for students to explore STEM careers related to marine science.
Community – Provide opportunities for students to network and collaborate with other students and professionals in the field.
Involvement –Encourage students to become involved in environmental questions and solutions here in Louisiana.
Advancement – Provide the experiences and networks for students to grow into more educational and career opportunities.
Engagement – Increase student participation in science activities outside the classroom including the school, local, and statewide communities.


The following suggestions will help you to develop and participate in your own club so that your can have a significant impact on people within your local communities.  Clubs can provide a supportive environment that encourages intellectual development in the marine sciences.  Louisiana has an amazing amount of untapped STEM and marine science potential among its student population.   LUMCON has developed a science-intensive multi-disciplinary activity guide that leverages the strengths and knowledge of LUMCON that meets the needs of Louisiana students.  The guide is not intended to be strictly followed, but should be used as a starting point for clubs to investigate the resources that are available within Louisiana.  The goal should be to expand and investigate marine science in ways that are unique to each group.

Besides the suggestions resources we can also support clubs by assisting with identifying speakers and/or presenters.
We can also help if your club is interested in participating in a field experience at the Marine Center.  Please contact if there is a way we can help.

LUMCON’s Marine Science Club program was generously supported with a grant from Chevron.