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Dr. Alex Kolker
Associate Professor

Mailing Address:
Louisiana Universities Marine Consortium
DeFelice Marine Center
8124 Highway 56
Chauvin, Louisiana 70344
Phone: 985-851-2837

Educational Background

  • Ph.D., 2005, Marine and Atmospheric Sciences
    Stony Brook UniversityState University of New York
  • M.A., 2000, Ecology
    Stony Brook University,State University of New York
  • B.A., 1995
    University of California, Santa Cruz, CA

Research Interests

  • I am interested in how natural sedimentary and hydrological processes interact in the coastal zone, and how these processes influence, and are influenced by the morphology of coastal wetlands. Currently, my research group is particularly, but not exclusively, focused on the Mississippi River Delta and its associated coastal zones.
  • We are interested in patterns of subsidence in the delta, and how these patterns influence wetland loss in Louisiana. Our group is examining many of the natural, and semi-natural settings that serve as analogues for the large river diversions that the State of Louisiana plans to build to restore the coastal zone.
  • This laboratory is deeply interested in the role that climate change and climate variability play in influencing coastal wetlands. More recently, our team has been examining the subsurface pathways by which water flows from the Mississippi River to the estuaries of the Louisiana coastal zone.

Current Projects

  • Paleochannels as reactive transport pathways for submarine goundwater discharge in the Mississippi River Delta
  • Mophodynamics and Ecological Functioning in the West Bay Diversion
  • Geotechnical properties associated with wetland loss and gain in the Cubits Gap Subdelta and their implications for coastal restoration.
  • Development of a subsidence map for the Louisiana coast.
  • Preliminary Investigations into the stratigraphy and ecogeomorphology of the Davis Pond diversion receiving basin.

Research Group

    • Alex Breaux, Graduate Student
      • B.S., 2012, Geology
        Tulane University, New Orleans, LA
    • Molly Keough, Graduate Student
      • B.S., 2010, University of Oregon
        Pursuing M.S. at Tulane University
    • Annelise Muscietta, Graduate Student
      • B.S., 2012, Geology
        State University of New York, Oneonta, NY


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