Now accepting applications for LUMCON Summer Programs

Below is a list of the opportunities we are offering to undergraduates here at the Marine Center this summer. We had a fantastic group of Louisiana students last summer and are excited to repeat that again this year. Please share this information with anyone you know that may be interested.

Undergraduate Students

  • LUMCON REU Program in Interdisciplinary Research Experiences in Louisiana’s Changing Coastal Environments:  Any students attending university in the fall semester are eligible to spend 10 weeks at LUMCON during the summer conducting research and learning about careers in the sciences. All experiences are customized based on the applicant and the mentor that they are paired with. For example, past REU students have had projects focusing on shrimp respiration, deep-sea community composition, and coastal nitrogen cycling. Visit our REU webpage or contact our REU Director for more information about our REU program.
  • LUMCON STEM Preparedness Program:  LUMCON’s STEM Prep program is a six-week residential summer program to help freshmen or sophomore-level undergraduate students, especially those from populations that are underserved and underrepresented in the marine sciences, who are seeking an opportunity to gain work experience and learn skills to advance their academic and career goals in science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) fields within marine and/or environmental science.  Find more program information and application details on the program webpage. * Applicants must be a student currently enrolled at a Louisiana institution.

High School Students

  • LUMCON’s Estuarine Awareness and Discovery (LEAD) Camp: LUMCON’s Estuarine Awareness and Discovery (LEAD) camp is a week‐long residential camp designed to give high school students a chance to scientifically explore Louisiana’s coastal environments. The focus of this camp is to increase student understanding and appreciation of marine science by allowing them to utilize LUMCON’s world class research vessels, oceanographic equipment, laboratories, and science staff. Students will better understand of the scientific process, scientific data collection methods, and using data to answer questions. They will have the opportunity to gain skill sets and build a network of contacts that can be useful in future career and academic pursuits. Campers complete LEAD Camp with a new awareness and understanding of the ecosystem, the threats to our coast, and the roles they can have in protecting Louisiana’s natural resources.  Click Here if more details and application information.
  • Field Marine Science (FMS) Camp: FMS is a one‐week residential camp designed to give campers practical real‐world experience conducting field research in the coastal marshes of south Louisiana. Participants of this research‐based camp will learn about Louisiana’s marine resources and how to conduct and report their own research results. As campers, students will have full access to research vessels, research equipment, laboratories and scientists located at the DeFelice marine Center. Participants of this camp will become part of a scientific community that is trying to assess the state of our changing coastal systems. FMS is designed for students from grades 9th to 12th who have a desire to learn more about how to effectively conduct field research and communicate their results to diverse audiences. This week‐long residential camp is ideal for any student that is serious about pursuing a career in marine or environmental science and would like to gain research experience before entering college.  Click Here if more details and application information.