Associate Professor

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  • Ph.D., 1984, Biological Oceanography
    University of Rhode Island
  • B.S., 1973, School of Natural Resources
    University of Michigan
  • B.A., 1973, Biology
    Marietta College


  • Fisheries and fish ecology, especially as they relate to the early life history or larval stages of fish
  • Culture, foraging behavior, and growth of larval fishes
  • Spawning, larval rearing, and propagation of marine fishes for aquaculture
  • Applications of otolith and fish hard-part chemistry to fisheries and oceanography
  • Applications of biochemical measures as indicators of condition in fish larvae


  • Laboratory studies of the sub-lethal effects of oil and oil/dispersant mixtures on the early life history stages of fishes and invertebrates
  • The role of small shallow water oil and gas structures as habitat for fishes and invertebrates in the OCS off Louisiana
  • Spawning highly migratory fishes at sea


  • Our Changing Coastal Ocean
  • Fish Ecology
  • Currently serving on three graduate student committees



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