Build capacity, knowledge, and passion  at the intersection of blue science and technology to find innovative solutions and train the next generation of innovators.


Blue Works stands at the intersection of technology and engineering and the most pressing coastal and ocean issues facing Louisiana and the world.  Both a new 27,000 square foot building and a new culture of coastal and marine education and research, Blue Works seeks to renew passion and commitment to ocean and coastal exploration and science.  Simply put LUMCON plans a new collaborative technology space of innovation boldly exclaiming a positive message of exploration and discovery.


  • Interaction and Visibility
    • Education and research on display, transparent, and open
  • Flexibility
    • Adaptive, nimbleness in a changing landscape
  • Space for Discovery
    • Expression and excitement are embodied in the building, education, research, and culture
  • High Performing
    • High productivity through playfulness and collaboration
  • Integration
    • Horizontal and veritcal collaboration
  • To Connect, Enrich, and Transform
    • A visible asset to the community, state, and globe

The expansion of LUMCON will better fulfill our mission to connect people, enrich education, and transform science.

  • Connect:  The future requires better horizontal collaboration between academia, agencies, and corporations and vertical collaboration between citizens, students, and specialists.  Louisiana’s marine and coastal science and engineering expertise across higher education, government, non-profits, and business is unrivaled and can be leveraged.  Blue Works provides the physical place and culture for these connections.
  • Enrich:  Blue Works embodies LUMCON’s mission of open science to engage all those who come through its doors, simply put, make STEM available to everyone.  Meeting the technological and engineering challenges of a blue future requires this inclusivity, as well as, training and exciting current and next generation of scientists and engineers.  Blue Works will instill a renewed appreciation for the oceans and coasts.
  • Transform:  Through inclusivity, passion, and collaboration comes creative and novel ideas. The technological and engineering space and culture at Blue Works allows these innovations to become reality.

Click here to see the Blue Works white document for full program details.