The following products were all created for OCEANDOTCOMM 2018. Click on each picture to jump to a product.

In South Louisiana, Seafood Means Hope

Stitching Hope for the Coast

Women of the Bayou (article)

Speak Up For Blue Podcast - Season 1

Louisiana Coastal Marshes Interactive Infographic

Saving the Coast through Storytelling

Women of the Bayou (video)

Marine lab has 'front row seat' to Louisiana coastal loss

Women of the Bayou (audio)

The feu-follet is the Cajun equivalent of a will-o-the-wisp; a devilish marsh spirit that confuses victims into believing they see the light from a house or camp. As the person wanders towards it, they become lost or drown in the wetlands. The legend is based upon a real phenomenon you can see in South Louisiana: as organisms in the salt marsh die and decay, chemicals mix and gasses can briefly catch on fire when exposed to air. These warning signs were created by Russell Arnott during OCEANDOTCOMM 2018. One was donated to LUMCON and now hangs in the lobby of the DeFelice Marine Center.

Ocean Conservancy Instagram takeover

Our Lady of the Sea

Journeys of Dr. G

Joie de Vivre

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